How Two Multiplayer Games can Make Your Security Program Stronger

Posted by Ross Moir on Mar 4, 2016 9:03:54 AM

Video_Game_Blog_Post.jpgDo a search for video games and information security and you will find countless comparisons to how these two seemingly disparate fields go hand-in-hand.  I really like this article from last summer, as it examined not just video games, but organized sports and their influence on information security experts.  In today’s world, video gaming is a billion dollar industry, there are professional video gamers, amateur video gamers who record their reviews, critiques and tips and put them on YouTube, and then there are the professionals (like me) who unwind from their day by playing a few rounds of Turning Point in Star Wars Battlefront.

While video games may heavily influence the world we live in, there are two specific video games that I think will help make your security program stronger.  I will now explore how these can relate to your organization.


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Topics: Security Program Development, Security Assessment, Information Security